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River Tower Project

River Tower Project

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London & Oslo, situated in the River Tower Project in the heart of the city's business district, offer prime locations for work with convenient access to malls, hotels, banks, medical, and sports facilities.

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Located in River Tower Project, in the Central-Western part of the city, in the newest and one of the most active business hub with excellent visibility and close to malls, hotels, banks, medical and sports facilities, London & Oslo are both the best places to work in.

River Tower Project

Splaiul Independenței no. 319, 60044, Bucharest

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All new developments in River Tower Project are aligned to an environmental, social, and economic sustainability performance of buildings’ assessments. In London & Oslo buildings we used eco-friendly and low-emitting materials to ensure healthier and safety environment.

Building Research Establishment Ltd has awarded the London & Oslo buildings the BREEAM Outstanding Post-Construction Building certification. BREEAM Buildings Technical Standard proves the sustainable value across a broad set of indicators clustered in ten categories: Energy, Health & wellbeing, Innovation, Land use, Materials, Management, Pollution, Transport, Waste, and Water.

icon Use Public Transportation
Use Public Transportation

London & Oslo are both excellent connected to the city by proximity to the Metro, bus, and tram stations.

icon Green Areas
Green Areas

Green spaces are provided outside and inside the building to improve the working environment.

icon Cyclists welcomed
Cyclists welcomed

Both buildings, London & Oslo - provide its occupants with bike racks, changing rooms and showers. It helps to keep you healthy and the air in the city cleaner.

icon Electrical plug-in for cars
Electrical plug-in for cars

Parking spaces that include EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) to reduce pollution by promoting alternatives to conventionally cars.

icon Plenty of fresh air
Plenty of fresh air

Mechanical ventilation is provided by a low velocity ventilation system that includes efficient air handling units with heat recovery coils.

icon Energy savings
Energy savings

High performance façade, efficient HVAC system, LED lights and energy recovery lifts reduce the building’s energy consumption.

icon Water efficiency
Water efficiency

A significant amount of potable water is saved through efficient showerheads, low rates for showers, low flow taps and toilets.

icon Light

Natural daylight is provided to more than 85% of all regularly occupied areas.

icon Individual room temperature regulation
Individual room temperature regulation

Provides individual thermal comfort controls to enhance occupants’ productivity, comfort, and well-being.

icon Central management
Central management

Both buildings are each equipped with a Building Management System that accurately measure energy, heating, cooling and water use, usage of elevators, and access control.

River Tower Project

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